Operation Instructions


The Twister Fruit Picker Fully Assembled on a 7-12’ Extension Pole

Operation Instructions

To Extend the Pole: Unscrew the Coupler (Figure.B), then slide the Rope length Adjuster (Figure. A) down to lengthen the rope. Then, extend the pole to your desired picking length. Finally, tighten the coupler (Figure. B).

To Adjust the Rope Tension: Slide Rope Length Adjuster (Fig.A) up rope until bungee is stretched and picking rings are closed.

To Pick Fruit: Push Slide Handle (Fig.C) up to open picking rings. Place picking rings around your targeted piece of fruit. Release slide handle to close picking rings. Now you can use two hands to twist pole and remove fruit from tree.

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Have fun and enjoy picking all of your fruit safely without having to climb any ladders, and appreciate the fact that you are not damaging your fruit or your trees.


Attaching The Twister Fruit Picker Head Assembly to the Pole of Your Choice

Attaching The Twister Fruit Picker® to a pole

How The Twister Fruit Picker Works1. The Twister Fruit Picker® can easily be used on any length pole. See ** note below for poles shorter than 7 feet or longer than 12 feet.

2. Leaving the tie on picking rings to hold them closed, screw The Twister Fruit Picker® on to your pole. Tighten firmly.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN – Hand-tighten only to the point where The Twister Fruit Picker® does not rotate when picking fruit.

USE CAUTION on poles with tapered aluminum threads where the threads are a larger diameter at the base – tightening down all the way on these larger threads could damage The Twister Fruit Picker’s® threaded adapter. Extend pole to length needed for picking fruit.

How The Twister Fruit Picker Works3. Unwind the bungee and rope, leaving the bungee cord and rope connected together.

4. If you are using a pole with a hole in the handle end, at least ½ inch from the end of the pole, go to step #5.

  • If you are using a pole without a hole near the handle end, position the enclosed “hole adapter” with its hole nearest the handle end of the pole (see illustration at right).
  • Position the “hole adapter” 4-8 inches up from the handle end of the pole. Be sure it is on the same side of the pole as the rope that is coming down the pole from The Twister Fruit Picker®.
  • Use the double-stick tape on the “hole adapter” to temporarily hold it in place. After positioning, securely tape or otherwise fasten the “hole adapter” to the pole

5. Slide the “rope length adjuster” toward the handle end of the pole to lengthen the rope. Push the looped end of the bungee through the hole in the pole handle or through the hole on the “hole adapter.” Then place the loop of the bungee over the handle end of the pole to fasten the bungee to the pole. (If you choose, the “hole adapter” can be used on any pole so that the rope attaches above the handle.)

6. Leaving the rings tied together, slide the “rope length adjuster” toward the picker to shorten the rope, stretching the bungee approximately an inch. Untie picking rings. The fruit picking rings should stay together. If they don’t, slide the “rope length adjuster” toward the picker to adjust the bungee tension, which shortens the rope and closes the picking rings. The tension can be adjusted, if necessary, for different types and sizes of fruit.

**Shorter or longer poles. (Do after step 5 and before step 6)

If your pole is going to be permanently shorter than 7 feet long: With the picking rings still tied together, pull the free end of the rope (knotted end) through the “rope length adjuster” without stretching the bungee, until all slack is out of the rope. Position the “rope length adjuster” approximately one foot above the “bungee/rope transition piece.” Cut off the excess rope and tie a new knot close to the “rope length adjuster.” If your pole is longer than 12 feet: Remove top end of rope by untying the knot and removing rope from picker. Splice on needed amount of similar-sized rope. Be sure the splice knot is at least 12 inches below the pulley of The Twister Fruit Picker®. Run rope back over the top of the pulley and through the hole in the arm, and retie the knot. (Now go back to step 6)


Slip The Twister Fruit Picker® into the tree near the piece of fruit you want to pick, and then open the picking rings by pushing up on the rope or on the “bungee/rope transition piece.”

  • Straddle the fruit with the picking rings, and then slowly release the rope.
  • Using both hands to rotate the pole, twist the fruit from the tree. Hold The Twister Fruit Picker® over a container, push the rope, and drop the fruit gently into your container.
  • For fruit smaller than the picking rings, snap the “fruit sleeves” onto the picking rings as shown. (If you have dense trees, and have trouble keeping your “fruit sleeves” attached, tie them with a twist-tie to the picking rings.

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! The Twister Fruit Picker® now comes completely assembled with a 7-12 foot fiberglass extension pole. Made specifically for the picker by NorDot Industries LLC, the pole has an integrated slide handle which allows the operator to open and close the picking rings with ease. You will be well-equipped with everything you need to be picking fruit within five minutes of this item arriving at your home! Included: one set of “fruit sleeves” which easily slip over the picking rings to allow you to pick small or hard-to-grip fruit.

Have fun and enjoy picking all of your fruit safely without having to climb any ladders, and appreciate the fact that you are not damaging your fruit or your trees

Safety Guidelines

Choking hazard – Do not let children use unsupervised
Do not use while standing on ladder or other unstable surface
Do not use near electrical wires or equipment
To minimize risk of eye injury, always use eye protection
Guard against endangering people with falling debris

Limited Warranty

This product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase