About The Twister Fruit Picker


The Twister Fruit Picker® was Invented by a Wheat Farmer in Montana

who retired to southern California. Norris had many different fruit trees in his backyard, many of which required a ladder to get to the fruit. He and his wife, Dorothy, enjoyed having fresh orange juice for breakfast, but he did not like  having to climb a ladder to pick fresh oranges every day. He bought a wire  basket fruit picker but was very dissatisfied with it because he felt it was  cumbersome, it inevitably damaged his trees, and he often ended up with punctured and damaged fruit.

A Better Way to Easily and Correctly Pick Fruit Without Any Fruit or Tree Damage

Norris, having other patented inventions under his belt, was convinced that there was a better way to pick fruit. Through much trial and error, The Twister Fruit Picker® emerged as a new innovative way to easily and correctly pick his fruit without damaging his trees or the fruit. Norris hand-crafted several thousand units of The Twister Fruit Picker® in his backyard shop from 2005-2010.


A New and Improved Model

In late 2010, at the age of 92, demand outstripped his ability to produce the hand-crafted model. The overwhelming acceptance and enthusiastic encouragement from his many on-line customers led to a new improved model made of an engineered reinforced polymer which was outsourced for production and is now available for the most enjoyable fruit picking experience you will ever have. NorDot Industries LLC is the company owned by his children that handles current sales of The Twister Fruit Picker®.