The Twister Fruit Picker®: Picking Fruit without the Ladder!

Are you getting out a ladder or climbing onto your roof to pick oranges, lemons, apples, grapefruit, mangos or avocados? There are many injuries and even deaths each year from people falling off of their ladder. Instead of taking out that ladder to reach your fruit, you need The Twister Fruit Picker®. Being up on your roof is not a good idea either!

There are many websites that stress the importance of safely using tripod orchard ladders, but they all indicate that they have many concerns about the injuries that can happen. Their tripod design is supposedly better for the uneven ground under fruit trees, but there are no stabilizing mechanisms to prevent the ladder from collapsing or tipping while you are on it. The bottom line is “Stay off the ladder or the roof!”

The Twister Fruit Picker® is available for easy purchase on our website that links directly to our Amazon marketplace.

The Twister Fruit Picker® with Extension Pole extends up to 13 feet, to comfortably pick fruit in a 20 foot tree.

Another benefit is that in dense trees like orange, grapefruit and apple, The Twister Fruit Picker® slips easily into the inner and upper part of the tree where ladders can’t safely go – no having to stick your head in the tree while you’re up on a ladder!

If you have a very tall tree, you can purchase our fruit picker head – it has a ¾” female Acme thread which will screw onto and fit most ¾” threaded poles. See the attached link for directions on using a longer rope and pole.

Purchase The Twister Fruit Picker® and make your fruit harvesting a safe, fun experience rather that a scary, unsafe task!

Happy Picking!