The Twister Fruit Picker®: An Amazing Gift!

Are you looking for a “one of a kind” unique gift for your favorite fruit-growing aficionado? The Twister Fruit Picker® is the perfect choice! Its unique design and features make it perfect for picking a variety of fruit including apples, plums, peaches, pears, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, papayas, mangos, starfruit or figs.

You can pick fruit with a gentle twisting motion, rather than pulling fruit off the tree as you do with the old-fashioned wire basket picker. It is lightweight and you stay safely on the ground while picking your fruit. The Twister Fruit Picker® is so fun to use that you may have to hide it from your neighbor! Or maybe just buy one for them this holiday season…

Purchasing The Twister Fruit Picker® is easy and fast. Just go to The Twister Fruit Picker website that links directly to our Amazon marketplace. We ship all our products to buyers in the USA, and The Twister Fruit Picker® head can be purchased internationally on!

All of us at NorDot Industries LLC wish you the Merriest of Holiday Seasons…and Happy Picking!

Howard and Nancy, Gail and Greg, Mary Ann and Terry