The Twister Fruit Picker®: Apple breeder David Bedford and His Team at University of Minnesota Introduce a New Apple that People are Raving About!

It’s apple season in many parts of the country! Time for apple pies, apple sauce and fresh cider…

The University of Minnesota has been a world leader in developing fruits that are cold hardy and grow well in colder regions. The Honeycrisp apple, which we personally have picked many times with The Twister Fruit Picker®, is the most widely recognized Minnesota apple, known for its distinctive taste and crispness. This year they are releasing limited quantities of a new apple that has been named “First Kiss” and/or “Rave”, depending on where it is grown. According to David Bedford and his team, it “looks similar to a Red Delicious apple, but there is very little similarity in taste. It’s very juicy and a little more tart.” The University of Minnesota website is a great resource for apples no matter where you live. You can get advice at their site from master gardeners or buy apple trees. Another of their apples which we planted and absolutely love in our Montana yard is “Frostbite” – it is a grandparent of Honeycrisp and it definitely has a memorable taste!

Whether you live in the cooler regions like Minnesota, or in the slightly warmer region of Washington state, your apples can be picked easily and quickly with The Twister Fruit Picker®. If you have apples that are ready for harvesting, you can purchase The Twister Fruit Picker® at

Happy Picking!