The Twister Fruit Picker®: Some Useful Tips for Adjusting the Tension

The Twister Fruit Picker® or The Twister Fruit Picker® with Extension Pole can be used to pick a large variety of tree fruit. One of its unique features is that the tension can be adjusted, depending on whether you have soft or firm fruit. For a softer fruit, like papaya, the included new soft Fruit Sleeves will allow for the tension to be tightened without damaging the fruit.

We would like to thank our customers on Amazon who have given us great reviews. One customer mentioned, “Took a few minutes to figure it out but once you get the hang for it, it is very quick and easy to pick fruit.” Along with the good reviews, we also have seen reviews stating that the fruit was slipping out of the picking rings. If the tension is not tight enough, then the picking rings will not hold the fruit securely.

Because tensioning The Twister Fruit Picker® is so important, and because we want our customers to have a positive experience using it, we’d like to offer a few tips for tensioning The Twister Fruit Picker® or The Twister Fruit Picker ® with Extension Pole correctly:

To increase the tension of the picking rings, hold the rope that slides through the “rope length adjuster” (tension adjuster) in place. With the other hand, grip the tension adjuster securely. Your thumb should be on one side with the other fingers on the opposite side.


Tilt the tension adjuster down while pushing up on the rope. This will cause the tension adjuster to move up, increasing the tension.

It takes 2 hands to adjust the tension, otherwise when you push up on the tension adjuster, the picking rings will open and the tension won’t change.


To make the tension lighter, follow the same procedure as above but tilt the tension adjuster up and pull down.


When The Twister Fruit Picker® is new, the tension adjuster may be a little more stiff to operate. Working the tension adjuster up and down will help to break it in.

If the tension adjuster is hard to move then we suggest that prior to adjusting the tension, you release the pole at the coupler to make it slightly shorter before following the same procedure as above. When you feel like the tension is correct, then tighten up the coupler, making sure the rope is aligned down the pole.


Now you are ready to pick fruit. If you have the original version of The Twister Fruit Picker®, make sure you push up on up both ropes and that both ropes are securely fastened to the bottom of the pole. The Twister Fruit Picker® with the Extension Pole comes fully assembled and has an easy handle to push for opening the picking rings.

When tensioned correctly, The Twister Fruit Picker® does an excellent job picking both soft and firm tree fruit.

Happy Picking!