The Twister Fruit Picker®: Picking Tropical Starfruit

We recently returned from a trip to Hawaii where we used The Twister Fruit Picker® with Extension Pole and soft Fruit Sleeves to pick tropical carambolas, also known as starfruit, during the prime starfruit picking season. We learned that the starfruit have an orange color when they are ripe – some are juicier/tastier than others and therefore are better suited for eating.


When they are ripe (which is the best time to harvest them), The Twister Fruit Picker’s® soft Fruit Sleeves provided gentle cushioning and allowed for damage-free picking. While we were picking, a number of people enthusiastically came over to watch. Upon being asked, we handed the picker over to several different observers. They were able to pick their very first carambola and were very complimentary about how lightweight and easy The Twister Fruit Picker® was to operate.


Starfruit has a thin skin on the outside, but when they are ripe, they can be fragile. Because The Twister Fruit Picker® can be adjusted to have a lighter grip for softer fruit, it was ideal for harvesting the fruit without damage. Carambola trees can grow to 20 or 30 feet tall and have fairly dense foliage. This was not a problem for The Twister Fruit Picker®. Its lightweight design allowed it to slip easily in and out of the tree without getting caught in the branches, and we stayed safely on the ground while picking fruit. If you have tropical starfruit or other soft fruit, we hope you will try it out!


Happy Picking!