The Twister Fruit Picker®: Harvesting Greengage Plums with The Twister Fruit Picker with Extension Pole

Greengage Plums are one of the sweetest fruits of summer. We recently visited the farm of Bob and Julie Peak and would like to thank them for their warm hospitality. The warm weather this summer brought a bountiful and early crop of greengage plums. You could say, “They were ripe for the picking.” We had a great time demonstrating how well The Twister Fruit Picker® with Extension Pole worked while harvesting greengage plums.picking-greengage-plumsGreengage plums are known for their sweetness and are thought to be an excellent dessert plum. The ones we picked were green in color with a pale green flesh. They were very ripe and came off the tree with very little coaxing. Because they hung from the tree in clusters, our new and improved Fruit Sleeves worked well and provided extra gripping power for picking more than one plum at a time.picking-plum-from-cluster

picking-plums-1Greengage plums are absolutely delicious! If you would like some more information about their history, origin and recipe ideas, please check out this link at If you have Italian, Japanese or greengage plums, The Twister Fruit Picker®, which comes with the new and improved Fruit Sleeves, is the best tool for harvesting your fruit. Happy Picking!bowl-of-greengage-plums