The Twister Fruit Picker®: Some New Year’s Resolutions!


As January 2016 begins, we thought that we would share a few tips and tricks that could become some New Year’s resolutions for you.

  • When using The Twister Fruit Picker®, make sure that you are pushing “up” on the rope or handle (depending on your model) to open the picking rings. If you have purchased just the fruit picking head and have attached it to your own pole and you are pulling “down” on the rope to pick your fruit, it is assembled incorrectly. Note – it should not look like a “giant tweezers” when you are using it. 2
  • Use the new improved soft Fruit Sleeves to pick small, soft fruit and to get a better grip on bigger fruit.
  • Use The Twister Fruit Picker® to pick all the fruit on your tree so that it doesn’t rot on the branches or fall to the ground for the rats.
  • Pick your fruit with a friend – it’s fun to share the job. The Twister Fruit Picker® makes it easy to fill up your containers quickly with fresh fruit.
  • After you’ve picked all your fruit, remember that The Twister Fruit Picker® can be used for changing high ceiling light bulbs and has many other handy uses.

All of us at NorDot Industries LLC send our best wishes for a wonderful New Year! Out with the old and in with the new; may you have Happy Picking the whole year through!