The Twister Fruit Picker®: A Return to Paradise… Visiting Maui, Hawaii.

paradise blog2 sunset

As we stepped off the plane in Maui, Hawaii, the warm tropical breezes welcomed us! It is easy to understand why so many people reside here and why so many return. The warm aloha spirit is so prevailing that it feels like a “home away from home.” Since our visit to Kauai in 2013 with The Twister Fruit Picker®, we have been looking forward to returning.

Our close friends, Dennis and Terri, recently moved to Maui. They had been eagerly watching their avocados grow to maturity for the last several months. They were so thrilled to use The Twister Fruit Picker® with Extension Pole to easily pick those mouthwatering, creamy avocados. Its versatility allowed for picking those high growing avocados from the deck of their house. So what’s better than one avocado? More avocados!

A very heartfelt Mahalo to Uncle Ely and Auntie Myrna for their warm welcome to their home and for permitting us to harvest lemons, pomelos, papayas, and tangerines. We had so much fun picking many kinds of tropical fruit! We tried out our newly-designed Fruit Sleeves to successfully cushion the papaya and to provide extra grip for the smaller tangerines.

It was inspiring to watch Uncle Ely wield The Twister Fruit Picker® with the new integrated slide handle to harvest tangerines easily and quickly.

We felt very fortunate to end our visit with an abundance of tropical fruit.

As we say A Hui Hou (goodbye until we meet again) we would like to extend a special thank you to our friends Dennis and Terri for their outstanding hospitality and to all the new friends that we made while we were in Maui. Happy Picking!