The Twister Fruit Picker®: It Now Comes Preassembled with a Pole! It is a fun easy way to harvest your fruit!

picker with pole david priest horizontal

The Twister Fruit Picker® now comes as a complete unit with a fiberglass extension pole made by NorDot Industries LLC especially for use with our picker. Made in America, it comes fully assembled and ready for picking fruit. It is still the same highly rated fruit picking tool that people are enthusiastically using. But you won’t need to search for a pole… it comes ready to use on a fiberglass extension pole that can easily be extended from 7 to 12 feet.

new model blog 4new model blog 5The new integrated Slide Handle, along with the picker’s Rope Length Adjuster, make The Twister Fruit Picker® ideal for picking a wide variety of small to large and hard to soft fruit. Once out of the package, it is ready to pick your fruit safely, without damage to the fruit or tree.

On a recent picking trip to a pear/apple orchard, the owner, Bob, told us: “It’s for those folks who want to pick their fruit easily, without cuts or bruises.” It works so well that you will not want to stop picking. It is truly unique – a one of a kind tool!

new model blog 3Gail with picker on poleIt also comes with a New and Improved set of Fruit Sleeves that can be slipped over the picking rings for picking soft/small fruit or for giving more “grip” to the rings. They can be easily removed and are washable for sticky fruit like figs. The Twister Fruit Picker® also works great for changing those hard-to-reach light bulbs!

We are so excited about the new preassembled version of The Twister Fruit Picker®! We think you will agree with us. Please see the Now Preassembled tab on our website for a full description and video. Happy Picking!