The Twister Fruit Picker ® : Using Sunny Summer Lemons for Arranging Fun Flower Bouquets!

july15 blog photo 10The Twister Fruit Picker®: Using Sunny Summer Lemons for Arranging Fun Flower Bouquets!

Lemon trees can grow quite large and will produce an abundance of lemons. We have found a fun decorative way to display lemons with your summer flowers. It is gratifying to create a beautiful bouquet, and the fresh lemon fragrance is uplifting. During the summer there is an abundant choice of flowers and greenery. Pick your lemons with The Twister Fruit Picker® and make a sunny lemon flower bouquet.

In staying with the “Sunny” theme, we used yellow alstroemerias, yellow and green mums, and a variety of greenery from our garden. We also used a few limes for color.july15 blog photo 1

  • Put 2 T. Fruit-Fresh® in 2 quarts of cool water. It should be fairly concentrated to preserve the freshness of the lemons. Note – Do not eat or drink this solution.
  • july15 blog photo 2Slice off the ends of the lemons and limes and cut horizontally into ¼-inch to ½-inch slices.


july15 blog photo 3

july15 blog photo 4       • Nest a smaller vase inside a larger vase and place the lemons and a few limes between the vases. Put them flat against the glass and move them around until you get the effect you want. Pour Fruit-Fresh® water mixture over the lemons and limes so they are covered completely.

july15 blog photo 8

july15 blog photo 6july15 blog photo 7     • Place greens in the smaller inside vase to hold the flowers up. Trim the flowers to different heights. Start with tallest flowers first, ending with the shortest flowers at the edge of the vase. Balance the flowers all the way around so the arrangement is even.

  • july15 blog photo 5Place additional greens as a finishing touch. We used Bear Grass, Honeysuckle and Hebe.


When using fresh fruit in flower arrangements, always use Fruit-Fresh® to preserve the fruit longer. Also make sure that the fruit and flowers are not in the same vase…the acid and gas released from the fresh fruit will wilt your flowers quickly.

For larger flower arrangements, this technique works best for square or rectangular vases. The fruit slices seem to flatten against the vase better. We also tried a mason jar with a smaller vase inside to create a smaller bouquet. We cut some of the lemon slices in half to accommodate the small jar.

When you are cutting the flowers always cut the stems longer rather than shorter. You can always take more off but you can’t add the stem back on.

A very special thank you to Beccy Minder for helping us gather the right flowers and to Pam Crocker for her expert advice and skills in superior floral design.

Pick your sunny summer lemons with The Twister Fruit Picker® and enjoy arranging a fun flower bouquet. Happy Picking!