The Twister Fruit Picker® observes spring with tips on planting fruit trees

asian pear treesSpring has arrived and it’s the ideal time to plant a variety of fruit trees. Whether you plant a fruit tree in the ground or in a container, the upcoming warmer weather provides optimum time for root growth and the best chance for survival, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Once you decide to plant a fruit tree, there are two planting options to consider. You can either plant a bare root fruit tree or a tree that comes established in a container. Bare root fruit trees must be planted while dormant in either late winter or early spring. Containerized trees are fully established in a nursery pot and can be planted over a longer period of time in the spring through early summer.

The following websites provide some good information about planting fruit trees, no matter where you live or how much planting space you have. The National Gardening Association has two great links: Planting Fruit Trees and Fruit Trees in Containers.

SFGate, the website sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle, has a short informative home guide. has an easy three-step method for planting your fruit tree.

We hope that the above sites will inspire you to plant a fruit tree. Fruit trees can be grown virtually anywhere and there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh fruit from your very own tree. Happy Picking!