The Twister Fruit Picker® Celebrates National Heart Month: Volunteer Fruit Share Organizations Make a Difference!

Wasted fruitEvery year thousands of pounds of fresh fruit goes unpicked and spoils. During this past year we have been in contact with two fruit share organizations, Fruit Share Houston and Portland Fruit Tree Project. These grass-roots, non-profit organizations provide a productive solution by connecting owners that have surplus fruit with volunteer pickers.

Kent Keith, founder of Fruit Share Houston, and his wife have collected over 15,000 pounds of fruit that would otherwise have gone to “rats or rot.” Everything they harvest goes to one of three different food pantries in Houston, TX. We are extremely gratified to know that The Twister Fruit Picker® has been part of this great cause. Zoe Seals, from Portland Tree Fruit Project in Oregon indicated that their harvest parties would be “even more fun and productive with the use of The Twister Fruit Picker®.

Since February is National Heart Month, we at NorDot Industries LLC would like to thank Fruit Share Houston and Portland Tree Fruit Project for giving of their time and their hearts to better their communities through the gift of fruit sharing. They have provided access to healthy food for those who need it most and have truly made a difference.

Together we can all make a difference in the lives of our communities…

Happy Picking and Happy 2015! heart

Howard and Nancy

Greg and Gail

Terry and Mary Ann