The Twister Fruit Picker®: An Annual Cousin Apple-Cider Party. A Family Tradition!

Once the apples have been picked with The Twister Fruit Picker®, it’s an annual event in our extended family to press them into sweet refreshing cider. Mimi and her husband Bill started their family tradition in the early 80’s. Over the years they have also had lots of additional parties for neighbors, friends, school groups etc. and last year made over 200 gallons of cider. They hope to set a new record this year.

cider blog photo 1The grandfather of the inventor of The Twister Fruit Picker®, along with his family, moved from Chicago in 1889 to an orchard in Oakesdale, WA, where the five boys grew up working in the orchard. The orchard sold mostly nursery stock, but also some fruit. The family sold the orchard in 1912. The orchard trees were cut down, stumps pulled out and grain was the next crop planted.

cider blog photo 3Mimi, whose mother was a cousin to the inventor, was inspired to plant a variety of trees in her orchard by using the original 1901-1902 handbill from the Oakesdale nursery/orchard. Her orchard has 27 trees that are 37 years old, with a few that she planted 1 to 2 years ago. Over the years she has become an experienced orchardist and has grafted several trees. She has both heirloom and newer varieties of apple trees and is very excited to offer guests a taste of her favorite apples.

Mimi’s parents originally purchased the cider press from a farmer in Washington. In the late 70’s, when Mimi and Bill started using the cider press, it was close to 100 years old. Over the years some of the wooden parts have been rebuilt but it just keeps “chugging” along.

cider blog photo 2Just like the 100-year-old cider press, apples have been an integral part of our American family history. Families are unique, just like heirloom apples. Traditions like Mimi and Bill’s annual cousin cider party honor the past, present and the future. We hope that if apples are the center of your family’s fall celebration, you will try The Twister Fruit Picker®. It is fun, easy to use and very family friendly. Happy Picking!