Harvesting Organic Tree Fruit with The Twister Fruit Picker®

Organic horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture in soil building and conservation, pest management and heirloom variety preservation. When it comes to harvesting your organic tree fruit, The Twister Fruit Picker® is the newest way to correctly pick fruit without ever having to climb a ladder.

Organic gardening for fruit trees requires:

  • Picking the right location to plant your trees. Planting too close to a slope may cause frost pockets which will affect the growth of the fruit. Wind can also be a factor in affecting the growth of the tree.
  • organic blog 1Selecting soil that is moist and well drained. The soil should also be rich in organic matter and have an appropriate PH for the crop.
  • Pruning the tree correctly so the branches do not cross. Pruning also plays an important role in training and encouraging trees to bear fruit.
  • Planting local native plants and grasses around the fruit tree will help to deter some of the most harmful pests. Planting lavender and other flowers around your trees will encourage bees, which are necessary for polinating your trees.

organic blog 3The Twister Fruit Picker® is the ideal tool to use for harvesting your organic fruit. It picks your fruit the way you would if you could telescope your arm into the tree and gently twist the fruit with your hand until it releases from the branch. That’s why The Twister Fruit Picker® is ideally suited for harvesting most fruit, large or small, soft- or hard-skinned. Simply slip The Twister Fruit Picker® into the tree, select your piece of fruit, and with both hands, twist it off the tree. No more struggling through the limbs and twigs as you do with a cumbersome wire basket or a bag-type fruit picker…no more tugging and yanking that damages the tree!organic blog 4

Organic gardeners have a philosphy of working in harmony with nature to produce delicious fruit, believing that there is a direct connection between a person’s health and how the food we eat is produced.

Harvesting your organic tree fruit with The Twister Fruit Picker® is the ideal way to enjoy your delicious, healthy fruit. Happy Picking!