February is National Grapefruit Month: Celebrate by using The Twister Fruit Picker® – It’s a great grapefruit picking tool!

The Twister Fruit Picker® is a great grapefruit picking tool. February is National Heart Month and National Grapefruit Month. Grapefruit can be picked any time between January and June. Slightly cold weather helps to ripen the grapefruit. For the sweetest juice, pick your grapefruit when the temperatures just start getting warmer, usually mid to late February.


Grapefruit are loaded with nutrients that support heart health and benefit your overall health. All varieties of grapefruit are good for you. A serving of grapefruit is fat-free and full of antioxidants that boost your immune system and promote good skin health. There is nothing more delicious than the juicy sweet-tart taste of a “fresh-picked” grapefruit.

grapefruit beet saladMake your Valentine’s Day heart healthy this year.  Broiling your grapefruit with a little cinnamon and sugar is a delicious substitute for other sugary treats. We also found a delicious Valentine’s Day salad recipe from Nancy’s Garden Blog that uses fresh avocado, beets, grapefruit and arugula.

Celebrate National Grapefruit Month by picking some grapefruit with The Twister Fruit Picker®.  Whether you like picking individual grapefruit right before you eat them or you like harvesting all your grapefruit at once, it is a great grapefruit picking tool. Happy Picking!