A Great Gift Idea: The Twister Fruit Picker® is a great gift idea!

apple1The Twister Fruit Picker® is a great gift idea for the holidays. Not only is it a safe and fun way to pick any size of fruit, it also has many other handy uses.


One of our Amazon customers bought it to pick apples and pears but also discovered that it removed a wasp nest beneath the eaves of his house and noted, “The wasps didn’t seem to mind at all.”  Another customer purchased it for picking pine cones off a tree.  They commented, “It worked great.”  A customer who is a retired professional engineer was delighted with its simplicity of design and ease of use.  He bought it for picking oranges but was thinking that he would also use it for getting items from the attic or other hard to reach places.

Some additional uses for The Twister Fruit Picker®:


*Changing light bulbs in a ceiling fan or a vaulted ceiling light. You open the rings to the width of the light bulb.  For recessed lighting that has limited room around the light bulb, like our ceiling fan, we recommend placing rolled duck tape on the top of the picking rings to hold the light bulb securely. We were able to use it on our ceiling can lights without this adaptation.

christmas*Retrieving eggs from the chicken coop so you don’t have to walk through the poop.

*Hanging and removing ornaments or lights on a large Christmas tree.

*Getting toys that have accidentally landed in hard to reach places (roofs and trees).

*Using it with the small fruit adapters to get golf balls out of water hazard ponds.

*Getting tennis balls that have gone down an embankment.

IMG_0977*Getting balloons that have floated beyond your reach.

*Using it to sprinkle moss-killing powder on your roof without a ladder. Visit our YouTube channel to see our video on applying moss killer on your roof.

*It can also be used for safely removing toys from the swimming pool.

We hope to continue to add to our growing list of other uses.  If you purchased The Twister Fruit Picker® and found other uses for it, we would love to hear from you.  No matter how or for what you use it, The Twister Fruit Picker® is a great gift idea!