Mangoes and Papayas The Twister Fruit Picker® is the perfect Tropical Fruit-Picking Tool!

papaya treeIf you have mangoes or papayas, we would like to share some tips for picking your fruit with the perfect tropical fruit picking tool, The Twister Fruit Picker®. These tips are based on our enthusiastic customer reviews and a recent visit to the beautiful island of Kauai in Hawaii.

mangoMango trees grow from 30 to 100 feet tall. If nurtured properly, some specimens live for 300 years and will still bear fruit. Mangoes originated on the Indian Subcontinent. In the Hawaiian Islands there are over 60 different varieties of mangoes. They are loaded with protective nutrients and vitamins. Our customers tell us that using The Twister Fruit Picker® works well for mangoes. It was the end of the mango season during our visit in early October; however, we were able to find some mangoes to harvest. Mangoes are usually harvested when they are starting to show some color and are a little soft. We were able to pick mangoes without damaging the fruit or the tree. If you are picking your mangoes when they are soft, you might try slipping a soft, child-sized crew sock over the picking rings to protect the soft skin of the mango.

Papayas grow on a treelike plant. It is a single stem that grows 16 to 33 feet tall. papaya with sockThey were brought to Hawaii and cultivated in the 1920s. Papaya is one of the most nutritious tropical fruits. It was called “the fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus because of it many health benefits. The leaves of the plant grow only at the top and the pear-shaped fruit grows from the stem. Because the fruit grows so close together and is very soft when ripe, we tried several adaptations. A very simple one that seemed to work extremely well for picking Sunrise Papaya was using a soft crew sock over the picking rings. papaya with caulk saverAlso, instead of just twisting the fruit, we pushed up slightly on the fruit before twisting. Another recommendation (see photo at left) came from a customer who went to Home Depot, purchased 5/8” round foam caulk saver insulation and twist tied it to the inside of the picking rings. This gives the rings extra padding for very soft fruit. As you will see in the photo below, we found that cutting the tubing in half and placing the flat side against the inside of the rings still provided good protection but did not add as much extra bulk to the picking rings. This made it easier to maneuver the picker in the tight spaces between the individual papayas. caulk saver for picking papayasThe Twister Fruit Picker® easily picks smaller to medium-sized papaya but will not pick the large football-sized red Caribbean papaya.

We have enjoyed meeting many of the local farmers here in Kauai and have appreciated their interest and enthusiasm for The Twister Fruit Picker®.  We would especially like to thank Steve and Dylan from the Kaakaaniu Plantation and Bob and Patti from the Kauai Beach Inn for welcoming us and allowing us a “hands on” opportunity to pick local tropical fruit. If you have mangoes or papaya, we hope you will try The Twister Fruit Picker®. It is the perfect tropical fruit-picking tool!  Aloha!  Happy Picking!