Amazing Apples – The Twister Fruit Picker® is a great Apple Picking Tool!

Apples are amazing, and using The Twister Fruit Picker® to pick your apples isapples1 september even more amazing and fun. If you are “up to your ears” in apples this year, we have found some fun links to give you a few ideas for using up that bountiful apple harvest.

If you’d like to learn how to dehydrate apples, freeze them, make applesauce and learn how to make apple pancakes, 10 things to do with apples might be of interest to you.

Did you know that apples can also be used for all kinds of fun craft ideas?  On Spoonful’s 3 things to do with apples, you can find creative craft ideas and a yummy baked apple recipe.

apples2 septemberFor 101 Crisp & Juicy Apple Recipes try this link.  Our personal favorites are the grilled cheese apple sandwiches and the caramelized apple chips.  Yum!

More ideas for using apples can be found on The Twister Fruit Picker® Pinterest page.apples3 september

You’ve baked, juiced, crafted, dried, sauced and shared apples, but you still have apples left over.  Almost any kind of apple will keep for three to four months or longer if stored properly, and you don’t need a root cellar.  Following some simple tips and storing apples correctly will help you enjoy those amazing apples even longer.