Comparing the Wire Basket Fruit Picker to The Twister Fruit Picker®

The inventor of The Twister Fruit Picker® originally used the wire basket fruit picker for picking his fruit.  He became frustrated with the way that it poked holes in the fruit and pulled large branches off the tree (tangelo at far left fruit1was picked with The Twister Fruit Picker®; tangelo on right was picked with a wire basket fruit picker and has a hole poked in it and the stem was pulled out). It was also very difficult for him to pick just one fruit in a cluster, and often, nearby fruit fell. Even though it was on a pole, he still often climbed the tree to pull down the fruit, but he still couldn’t reach the fruit in the center or top of the tree. He felt the wire basket fruit picker had more problems than benefits. He deemed it clumsy and totally unreliable when navigating through tight branches and leaves. Often the best fruit remained in his tree because they were in the most inaccessible places.

After much frustration, he designed The Twister Fruit Picker® to pick fruit correctly by twisting it off the tree. It is very light (8oz) and treats both the tree and the fruit gently.fruit2Unlike the metal wire basket fruit picker, it will not rust if left outside because it is made of a UV resistant polymer. Its unique slim lightweight design slips through the branches without getting caught – it is easy to target that one delicious fruit in a cluster without causing the surrounding fruit to fall. You can easily reach the fruit at the top and the center of the tree. It is designed to pick all sizes of tree fruit, including soft-skinned fruit, without using a ladder. It does not rake the fruit off the tree like the wire basket fruit picker (lemon above was picked with a wire basket fruit picker and it pulled off leaves and stem along with the fruit).

If you’ve been harvesting your fruit with the wire basket fruit picker and are frustrated with the damage that it does to your fruit and your tree, consider switching to The Twister Fruit Picker®. Customer reviews tell us, “It just works better.”  You will be amazed at how well it navigates through your trees. It’s safe, easier to use and you’ll have fun harvesting your tree fruit.  Happy Picking!