A Loving Memorial to Dorothy, Wife of the Inventor of The Twister Fruit Picker®

Yellow BellsThe inventor of The Twister Fruit Picker®, Norris, and his wife, Dorothy, were married for 65 years. Dorothy was born in April 1914 in Fort Benton, Montana, just as the yellow bells bloomed on the prairies of Montana. Last month she passed away on her 99th birthday.

Nana and Grandad 2Dorothy lived a life of loving devotion to her husband, her family and her community. She loyally and selflessly supported Norris in his life’s many endeavors, including his invention of The Twister Fruit Picker®. She had a passion and a talent for writing poetry; one of her poems had even been published as the opening poem in a volume of poetry. After her death, the following poem was discovered in a basket by her favorite chair.

The Twister is small, smooth and light
As it slips through tree to fruit
And you know the fruit is safe
With this handy unique recruit

When you let the holders close
Your hands are free for a quick “Twist”
No damage to tree or fruit
It’s a picker you just can’t resist

No more unwelcome frustration
Just perfection from top to root
With this light new creation
By a guy who raises fruit.

We celebrate Dorothy’s life. It was a life well lived and her legacy to her entire family is one of unconditional support and love.

Blog Author: Gail

Blog Author: Gail